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Looking for Best Dental Scrap Buyers? you're at the Right Place!

Royal Refining is one of the most trusted dental scrap buyers in the US. Excited to know what do we actually do? Well, whether you are an individual or a dental company, at Royal Refining we buy dental scrap and gold crowns from all our customers within the dental industry.


No matter if you want to request a pick up or a mailer pack, the customer convenience is always the top of our priority. Being a renowned dental scrap gold buyer, we have employed a team of skilled professionals who dedicatedly handle all your concerns related to dental scraps, pick up and payout.


When you are looking for professional dental scrap gold buyers in the US, then look no further than Royal Refining. With extensive experience in refining precious metals for over the years, we’ve been specialized in assessing the quality of all types of dental scraps. We are committed to providing the highest possible amount for the metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. In addition, the payments are offered for all types of materials such as dental scraps, gold/silver crowns, bridges, dental alloys, inlays, onlays, plus gold and silver jewelry.

Reasons to Trust Royal Refining

  • Fully-Insured Dental Scrap Mailing Pack

  • Secure & Convenient Money Transfer

  • Free & No Obligation Valuation

  • On-the-Spot Cash Payment

  • Free of Cost Dental Scrap Returns

  • Onsite Dental Scrap Evaluation

Stop Your Search for ‘Dental Scrap Buyers Near Me’!

We’re expert Dental Scrap buyers who believe in benefiting our customers in the dental industry with trustworthy dental refining services.

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