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Sell Your Gold Crowns and Dental Scrap for Cash

Stressed about how to sell dental gold? Visit The Best Place to sell Dental Gold for Cash!

If you are tired of asking yourself questions like, where to sell dental gold? How to sell my dental scrap? Whom to trust to sell my crowns? Then Royal Refining is the leading name in the markets of the US and Europe for helping out dental individuals and companies to sell dental gold.


Since we started, we’ve been buying dental scarp for sale at the most favorable price. We all have heard the common saying, ‘One man’s waste is another man’s treasure’. At, Royal Refining we do something almost similar. We collect dental gold and crowns of precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, & platinum and offer cash in return.


Can You Sell Gold Dental Crowns?

Yes, we are the proud purchasers of all types of gold dental crowns. No matter it’s unwanted or broken we, at Royal Refining pay for all precious metals, dental scrap and dental crowns for sale.


How Royal Refining Works?

To make it easier for customers, we’ve divided our services into two parts for a hassle-free experience.


Request a Pick Up

Here, we allow customers to schedule pick ups as per their convenience. With just a simple pick up request you can have our representative at your place. Further, to streamline the whole process, our team performs an on-the-spot evaluation to avoid conflicts aiming to offer the best deal for your dental scrap. Once, they are done with No Obligation Valuation and the offer is accepted by you, the payment will be made in cash without any delay.


Request a Mailer Pack

In case of mailer pack, you will get fully insured dental scrap mailing pack for free that too on the same day. Once received, you need to mail all your stuff related to dental scrap, crowns, dental alloy, inlays, platinum foil. gold foil, bridges or more via UPS through prepaid mailer pack. A no obligation offer will be shared from our side to you on the same day, we will receive the mailer pack.


We don’t force you to sell! If you don’t like our offer then with no extra charge we simply return your dental crowns. On the other hand, we provide instant cash for your dental scrap using different modes of payment such as Check, PayPal or Bank Transfer.


Let Royal Refining Caters Your Dental Scrap Selling Needs!

Simply share an image of your dental gold and crowns and we will get back to you with the right offer after complete evaluation.

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